Our Story

In 2015, there was a dream. A dream that a gift shop could be smart yet sassy. A dream that when folks entered the shop they would feel not only welcomed, but comfortable. If they could sit down and share a story, they’d want to take their shoes off and put their feet up. The dream was to have one-of-a-kind things that were inclusive, witty, funny and downright sassy.

Sandy began working at the shop in the fall of 2017 and found that she really enjoyed the vibe of the place and that the sassiness was right up her alley. When the previous owners began talking about the possibility of selling, Sandy began thinking maybe she would enjoy it. And, in January of 2018, just like that, she was the new owner!

While it has been a huge learning curve, Sandy has really enjoyed creating the store as her own, making changes and yet keeping many things the same. She has loved getting to know the regular customers and greeting the new ones. It is music to her ears to hear people giggling throughout and telling her how much they enjoy the sights and smells of the shop.

With so many items in the shop that are exclusive to the area, Sandy hopes you will look to Agnes & Orson when you are searching for that one of a kind gift or need something for that salty friend of yours!

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